P.M.F. S.r.l., Catania, Italy. Project coordinator.

P.M.F. S.r.l. is specialized in the planning, creation and distribution of professional and vocational ICT-based education services.
The company, thanks to its internal engineers team and external associated tutors and teachers of various expertises, offers with extreme flexibility in content development and modalities of distribution, professional and technical courses for the acquisition of specific know-how, in the fields of enterprise global management, European project management, accounting, languages, marketing, multimedia creation and interactive content development for e-learning.
P.M.F. S.r.l.’s vision is to be part of a high quality European training network, exploring new fields of professional training with the support of ICT, inserting its engineers and content developers in a creative and hard-working atmosphere to absorb new ideas, inspiration and skills.

P.M.F. S.r.l. R&D activities are focused on the following domains:
  • Semantic Web
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • SCM - Supply Chain Management
  • BI - Business Intelligence
  • Human Resource Management

Involvement in BONy project:
P.M.F. S.r.l. is responsible of the whole project coordination (WP1 – management). As well it is leading the WP4 concerning the realization of the whole technological infrastructure and cognitive algorithms development.

Web site: www.pmftraining.eu

Contact: Mr. Manuele Manente

INK Catalunya S.A., Barcelona, Spain.

Founded in 1991, this Barcelona-based SME specialises in linguistic (translation, correction and revision) and adult training services. Since its creation, INK Catalunya SA has provided training in languages and new technology including: electronic document, Internet, Intranet, videoconference utilisation, programming, Office, operating systems.

In the training sector, it offers management and development services of adapted-to-the-client training programmes, it designs training adapted to the situation and companies’ needs (in contents and methodology).

INK Catalunya SA has a special experience in team and consortium organisation and management in many activity fields, thanks to a heterogeneous personnel in Health and Public policies, European concerns and issues, new technologies and training.

Involvement in BONy project:
INK Catalunya, S.A. will lead WPs 6-7
As SME specialising in languages and training, INK is contributing to the development of cross-languages formatives units and multimedia content on European Project Cycle Management,  needed to test the whole system. INK Catalunya will participate to the development of the quality evaluation plan and will be responsible for the dissemination and exploitation plan.

Web site: www.inkcat.es

Contact: Ms. Nuria Gili

C.N.R. I.S.T.C., Rome, Italy.

The "Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche" (CNR) (National Research Council) is the technical body for basic and applied research of the Italian Ministry of University and Research. It is also in charge of the preparation of standards of national interest and manages special pluri-annual grants for "Finalized Projects" on focused topics, following the policy directions of the Council of Ministries. It is organized in about 120 autonomous institutes and centers in all the branches of sciences and humanities.
The "Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione" (Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology) (ISTC) is one of these institutes and employs more than fifty full-time researchers. The Laboratory of Applied Ontology (LOA, http://www.loa-cnr.it) is an ISTC department, and is composed by fifteen full-time researchers and other people working under contract or scholarship.

LOA performs basic and applied research on knowledge engineering, conceptual modelling for business processes, planning and resources, natural-language processing, and the semantic web, including the development of methods and tools for the social web and social network analysis, e.g. for corporate intrawebs, importing legacy information systems to the web, and collaborative knowledge creation.

Involvement in BONy project:
CNR will lead and work for WP3: “Research and Technology Transfer”. CNR will take care of the following tasks:

  1. general technology and know-how transfer from research to industry in the area of semantic (including cognitive and social) technologies for eLearning. This task will be achieved by gathering the requirements from the case studies provided by the industrial partners, creating a problem space out of requirements, and devising the application of models, methods, and tools, in order to create a solution space. Training, consulting and assistance to industrial partners will be delivered;
  2. ontology design for the description of learning units, for user profiling, and for modeling learning workflows. This task will be achieved by using state-of-art formal languages (e.g. RDF, OWL, SWRL, SPARQL, etc.) and tools (e.g. Protégé 4, Pellet, CEL, etc.)

Web site
: www.cnr.it, www.istc.cnr.it, www.loa-cnr.it

Contact: Mr. Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo

IDEC S.A., Piraeus, Greece.

IDEC is a training and consultancy company based in Piraeus, which is the port of Athens. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the larger Greek companies including the sector of the textile, clothing and food sectors, Entrepreneurs’ Associations, Universities and Chambers of Commerce/Industry. Its staff is mainly made up of  mechanical, electrical and software engineers with postgraduate studies and long-term industrial experiences. The main activity areas covered are training and management consulting, ISO-9001, software and multimedia development, internet applications, distance learning, e-business, e-commerce, telecommunications and networks.

Involvement in BONy project:
Leading the WP5, IDEC will contribute to the development of the units/modules and multimedia contents on European Project Cycle Management. IDEC will also be responsible for the development of the quality evaluation system in order to assess the  project development and to test the impact of ICTs on the training program quality and efficiency. Furthermore, a database will be developed in order  to collect data for the project. IDEC is going to develop an on-line e-questionnaire for the ‘mobile’ users. The e-questionnaire will evaluate the impact of ICTs on learning and will include questions on all different learning methods (m-learning, e-learning, traditional).

Web site: www.idec.gr

Contact: Mr. Aris Chronopoulos

4system Polska Sp. z.o.o., Zielona Gra, Poland.

4system has actively co-shaped this market, basic rules, schemes, as well as training notation standards and, what is the most important, design of the methodology of trainings applying multimedia techniques.

We are one of few providers of media tools for educational purposes to have designed a few dozen innovative ideas for content development, as far as motivating students. We do realise in fact the obstacles, occurring while trying to change a teacher-oriented lesson to a student-oriented one. Emphasis on motivating an employee to learn has been many times one of the fundamental traits of a training scheme. 4system’s  experience includes over one hundred courses, training schemes, studies and eLearning exams. We are deeply aware of essential traits of training run for service staff of production companies and what should be emphasized while designing courses for sale representatives.

Involvement in BONy project:
4system Polska Sp. z o.o will lead WP 2

As private SME specialising in e-learning, 4system is involved in elaborating the content of European Project Cycle Management and realization of the e-learning courses in eleven languages. 4system will also take part in dissemination and exploitation plan.

Web site: www.4system.com

Contact: Ms. Aneta Zydziak

BONy is a project financed with the EC funds in the domain of "Lifelong Learning Programme" managed by EACEA.


Funding Programme:
Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 - Multilateral project - Key Activity 3 - ICT.
Grant: 491.203 €
Start: 01/01/2008;
End: 31/12/2009.

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