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Mentoring Circle Blog - Part 5 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sandra   
Thursday, 18 August 2011 08:49

Wow - this mentoring circle process is getting quite deep! After today’s session I have learned a lot about myself and how I see things through my own mind set and that it’s possible to see things differently if I choose. I need to listen to the internal dialogue inside my head – am I having positive and empowering thoughts about myself? It’s really important that I encourage myself and that I notice my past achievements for what they are –never mind being humble – I should be proud about what I have achieved and what I am good at. This enthusiasm for myself will translate into self- belief and being confident about my business.

Others will feel that confidence and have belief and trust in my product. I have always know that a positive attitude is important in life but when it is about your own business and livelihood it seems vital - my attitude could be the make or break of my business! Another interesting exercise was to think of a metaphor for our business – I thought of mine as a small foetus in the womb, just growing but not yet fully formed. I think I feel anxious about how the business will develop into a viable way to make a living. We were then asked to imagine what our business might look like once it was up and running and successful in the future. I drew a picture of a boat sailing on the water in lovely, sunny weather whilst a group of people and myself stood on the shore, watching. I had the controls to the boat and I was directing where it went. I think for me it is important to have a team to work with in my business and to feel in control of the direction of the business and the pace at which it moves. This exercise was very enlightening!

The next session will be our last and I feel that I really need to think about the practical aspects of starting my business- like how much will I charge, what will I call my business, who will help to create a website etc. With the feedback and enthusiasm of the group I feel like my idea is really worth pursuing. Time to look at turning this dream into a reality!