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Second phase of Mentoring Circles in Limassol (Cyprus) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Valentina Tartari   
Monday, 12 March 2012 12:56

On Wednesday, February 15, 2012, Intercollege Limassol began the second round of the fe:male Mentoring Circles under the mentoring of Dr. Annabel Droussiotis. The Mentoring Circles in Limassol will be completed by the end of March. Currently, there are seven participants in the Circles. Two are over the age of 50, two single parents, and an unemployed graduate. The other two of the participants live in the rural areas of Cyprus which is also regarded as a key factor for preventing women from accessimg labour market opportunities or seting up their own business. 

All participants have interesting and innovative ideas for starting a business and showed great interest in the Mentoring Circles. The Mind Map was a very effective tool in helping the women manage the many ideas they have. A couple of the participants realised that they had so many ideas that it was not clear which direction was best to follow. Through the mind map, their ideas were categorised into more realistic and focused directions. After the completion of the mind map and with the help of the participants, some very good ideas about businesses emerged. The strength of the mind map comes from the initial step, which includes ideas that one finds interesting/likes and is good at. These two variables, ensure that whatever the outcome of the mind map (whatever business idea emerges), is bound to be pleasant, rewarding and challenging for the ladies, as they are built only on things that the participants are good at but also they enjoy performing. Occupying one’s self with something pleasurable and challenging ensures perseverance and job satisfaction.

Setting SMART goal also posed a challenge. Setting SMART goals requires one to set goals that can are realistic, can be measured, are on time and specific and relevant to one’s situation. The participants found it challenging to come up with this type of goals, as this means they should put down specific goals to be achieved within the Mentoring Circles.

The most important outcome of the first session was the overall feeling of the participants that through the conversations with the other female entrepreneurs and the exchange of ideas within the Circles, they could see their dream take shape and manifest.