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Written by Sandra   
Monday, 27 June 2011 15:13

Hi, my name is Sandra* and I have decided to keep a diary of my sessions in a FE:MALE Mentoring Circle in Sheffield. I hope you will join me on my little journey as I explore the idea of setting up my own business.

6th April 2011 The day before session 1

I am a little anxious as to what to expect. I have got a place on a mentoring circle for women thinking of starting up a business. I am told it will be a group of about 6 women, all with an idea for a business they would like to start. I have a rather unformed idea about starting up a business using my music writing interest. I’ve been writing music for over 16 years and it’s always been as a hobby but increasingly I am wondering if, short of becoming a popstar, I may be able to earn a living writing music! It would be a kind of bespoke music writing service. Perhaps writing for people who are making videos and need snippets of music. I have already got a few of those kind of projects under my belt so I know that I can do those sort of things. Another idea is to offer as song writing service for people to purchase a song as a gift for someone. I would write the song for them according to their requirements, perhaps a wedding song for instance. Anyway these are all loose ideas and I’m just waiting to see how the group goes. I may feel a bit stupid sat there with women who are really clear on what they want to do! But I’ll give it a go- nothing to loose. Marina who is running the group has assured me that it is also okay if after doing the 3 sessions (that’s how many mentoring circle sessions we get) I decide that my business idea is not viable. It is apparently a forum simply to think about setting up a business and there are no expectations. That’s a big relief. I will let you know how it goes after tomorrow’s session.

 *Name has been changed