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Written by Sandra   
Thursday, 14 July 2011 12:59

14th April 2011

I’m a bit freaked out- I’ve just done an internet search and there are so many people out there doing what I’m thinking of doing! I’m wondering if it’s even worth me joining the band-wagon! But I have been warned not to be put off by competition so I’m just going to keep on looking at what services are currently out there. There are some beautiful websites out there and I’m really impressed. I’m noting down some great ideas. Some sites, I’m ashamed to be pleased about, are not very good and the music they are writing is a bit naff. That’s making me think more about what kind of people I might appeal to. Perhaps a younger audience, I don’t know even though I’m no spring chicken I always really like current styles. I don’t want to be writing soppy love songs. Or at least if they are soppy they would have an edge to them- a certain quirkiness.  I guess people have very varied tastes and so there is room for all sorts of music writing. I’ve been watching a series on BBC – The Crimson petal and the White- it’s got stunning music- an amazing soundtrack. I think I’m getting an idea of what I would aspire to. Well I’ve just got so many ideas going round my head just from doing some research. I’m going to have to just wait and see how it all pans out.