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Fe:male Stakeholders Conference in Malta

All good things come to an end and our EU funded project Fe:male is nearing the end of its lifetime. To celebrate this, the consortium of Fe:male will be holding a final Conference in sunny Malta on Friday, 15th June, 2012. The conference will take place at the The Oracle Conference Centre, Dolmen Hotel, Qawra, Malta.

The conference is two pronged, dissemination of the Fe:male project and a networking event for female entrepreneurs from the respective countries of the consortium. Experiences of the Mentoring Circles™ from each country and barriers to female entrepreneurship will be amongst the main topics discussed. During the conference an interactive mini-Mentoring Circles™ will also take place. The conference will end with a networking lunch for all present. During the conference a video booth will be set up so that participants will be able to leave live messages which will be streamed live.

Conference Room

Anyone interested in attending this event, please contact the partners of your respective country where they will be able to give you more details and information.

2nd Cycle of Mentoring Circles in Cyprus

Available translation: Greek
The 2nd Mentoring Circles™ Cycle in Cyprus came to an end on May 2, 2012. The circles were interesting with much success and lots of good times. Two of the most impressive stories are:
business directory

Anna Vasiliou has entered a competition for funding new entrepreneurial ventures and she has passed to the second round. Great achievement! The executive summary of her business plan was developed with the help of the Mentoring Circles™ so we were all very happy to hear of her success. In the meantime, Anna has started another new venture creating arts and crafts and it is already going very well. She has been promoting her products on Facebook, as her target market is young individuals.

Georgia Menelaou has organized a public speech to present her services: Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and in general natural health related services. The seminar was a big success. Seventy-five people participated some of whom stayed after the talk ended asking for more information about her programs. Georgia's goal is to establish a multi-service Naturopathy wellness centre.

Using the virtual learning platform during the Mentoring Circles™ brought about many challenges which we faced better as a group than individually. The overall feeling was one of cooperation and respect.

fe:male network – connecting women across Europe!

As many of you know, as part of the fe:male project, we've set up a network to connect female entrepreneurs across Europe. We've just opened a new feature of the network, allowing members to meet in groups to chat about specific topics.

One of the key benefits of the fe:male network is that as a member, you have an opportunity to link with other women to share experiences, start trading and get the business advice you need from other entrepreneurs.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an entrepreneur in Malta? Or wanted to discuss marketing techniques with someone from the Netherlands? The advantage of the network is that you can contact other female entrepreneurs in your own country and beyond, establishing a network all across Europe. This is a great way to expand your business contacts at the same time as exploring new points of view.

The network also gives you the opportunity to be creative and set up your own profile according to your interests and business ideas. Looking at other members' profiles you can be inspired by their stories, as well as establishing connections with people relevant to your business.


As we mentioned earlier, the fe:male network is opening up new and exciting opportunities with the launch of a dedicated group area where you can join specific groups reflecting your interests and areas of expertise. This is a chance for you to let other members know about yourself, promote your business, and share your background and tips!

Start using the fe:male network today to share your experiences, gather support from other female entrepreneurs who face the same thoughts and worries, and find out more about European business. The road to success can be very lonely as an entrepreneur, but through the fe:male network you can stand up with other women and walk together towards success!

Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands thanks to the Fe:male project!

Available translation: Dutch

The women who participated in the second round of the mentoring circles were very enthusiastic and motivated. Not only did they put a lot of time and effort in setting up their own business and preparing for the Mentoring Circles™ meetings, they also encouraged other women and even young girls to choose a career as an entrepreneur. One of the participants of the mentoring circle; Lidwine van As is portrayed in a booklet we compiled. This book is used at schools to inform students about entrepreneurship. She was also one of the 'faces' of a big conference organised by VHTO on the topic of women and IT.

Publication (in Dutch): VHTO_KiesInformatica_LR.pdf


Second round of Mentoring circles in the Netherlands

Available translation: Dutch

The participants in the Netherlands are women educated in science and technology (SET) with the ambition to start their own or to begin a new business related to SET. Some of the participants had already set up their own business and some were preparing to do so. Two of the participants were unemployed and therefore wanted to become self-employed.

They all are facing the double disadvantage of becoming or being female entrepreneurs in a male dominated field. It is striking that all of them are trying to broaden the scope of their work by combining SET with an educational, managerial or advisory approach. After the first meeting the women started a LinkedIn group named 'strong questions'. And although the meetings of the mentoring circles are finished, the group is still keeping in contact through the use of a LinkedIn-group. They are also planning a follow-up meeting themselves; as having face2face meetings are a necessary added value to talking online.


Fe:male Virtual Learning

The FE:MALE online platform includes a very useful section on Virtual Learning lessons in English, Greek and Dutch. Thanks to an interactive and women-tailored approach, the 13 e-learning modules on motivational business issues support users in the development of different entrepreneurial skills, by focusing on many topics such as time management, mapping personal key motivators and skills, understanding the recipe for business success etc.

The virtual section perform two goals: on one hand allows users to benefit from distance learning modality, since they can easily access the lessons from home or office and choose to follow whenever they prefer. On the other hand, tailored and interactive contents focus also on problem solving exercises helping women entrepreneurs improve their management, organizational and personal skills. Some of the modules were designed to give practical advices after asking the user to answer some questions. This is the case of "Are You Ready to Work for Yourself" module that through a questionnaire try to find out whether a woman is capable to make business on her own or not. Other interesting units, such as "Seeing Yourself and Your Business Differently" and "Taking a Different Approach to Problem Solving in Your Business" focus on improving intellectual capabilities by using new approaches to solve problems and think out of the box. But there are even more courses that were prepared in order to support female entrepreneurs, so please feel free to check them out all! FEMALE consortium wish you happy Virtual Learning!!

2ος γύρος Κύκλων Καθοδήγησης στη Κύπρο

Available translations: English

Ο δεύτερος γύρος Κύκλων Καθοδήγησης έλαβε τέλος στις 2 Μαΐου 2012. Οι κύκλοι ήταν ενδιαφέρον με μεγάλη επιτυχία και πολλές καλές στιγμές. Οι πιο κάτω είναι δύο από τις πιο εντυπωσιακές ιστορίες:

business directory

Η Άννα Βασιλείου έχει εισέλθει σε ένα διαγωνισμό για τη χρηματοδότηση νέων επιχειρήσεων με ψιλές δυνατότητες και έχει περάσει στο δεύτερο γύρο. Αυτή είναι μια μεγάλη επιτυχία! Η περίληψη του επιχειρηματικού σχεδίου της (Executive Summary), αναπτύχθηκε με τη βοήθεια των Κύκλων Καθοδήγησης έτσι όλοι οι συμμετέχοντες ήταν πολύ χαρούμενοι με την είδηση της επιτυχία της. Εν τω μεταξύ, η Άννα έχει αρχίσει μια άλλη νέα επιχείρηση, στη βιοτεχνία και ήδη πάει πολύ καλά. Η προώθηση των προϊόντων της διεξάγετε και στο Facebook, όπως η αγορά-στόχος της είναι νεαρά άτομα.

Η Γεωργία Μενελάου έχει οργανώσει μια δημόσια ομιλία για την παρουσίαση των υπηρεσιών της: Naturopathy, βελονισμός, τη διατροφή και γενικότερα τη φυσική υγεία. Το σεμινάριο ήταν μια μεγάλη επιτυχία. Εβδομήντα πέντε άνθρωποι συμμετείχαν μερικοί από τους οποίους έμεινε ώρες μετά το τέλος απαιτώντας περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με τα προγράμματα της. Στόχος της Γεωργίας είναι η δημιουργία ενός πολυ-υπηρεσιακού κέντρου ευεξίας Naturopathy.

Έχοντας ως στόχο την αξιοποίηση μιας ηλεκτρονικής πλατφόρμας μάθησης κατά την διάρκεια των Κύκλων Καθοδήγησης επέφερε πολλές προκλήσεις που αντιμετωπίστηκαν καλύτερα ως ομάδα παρά ατομικά. Οι Κύκλοι Καθοδήγησης διεξάχθηκαν σε περιβάλλον συνεργασίας και σεβασμού.

Aandacht voor zelfstandig ondernemerschap in Nederland mede door het Female-project!

Available translations: English

Wederom waren de vrouwen die deelnamen aan de tweede ronde van de mentoring circles zeer enthousiast en betrokken. Niet alleen steken ze veel tijd en moeite in het opzetten van hun eigen bedrijf en aan de voorbereiding van de mentoring circle-bijeenkomsten maar zij zetten zich ook in om meer vrouwen en meisjes te enthousasmeren voor een loopbaan als zelfstandig ondernmerer. Een van de deelneemsters aan de mentoring circle; Lidwine van As; is geportetterd in een voorlichtingsboekje. Daarnaast was Lidwine een van de 'gezichten' van de landelijke conferentie 'Meisjes, vrouwen en ICT die VHTO op 8 maart jl. heeft georganiseerd bij IBM.

Link naar publicatie: VHTO_KiesInformatica_LR.pdf


Tweede ronde van de mentoring circles in Nederland

Available translations: English

De deelneemsters in Nederland zijn vrouwen met een beta/technische of ICT opleiding met de ambitie om een eigen bedrijf te starten op het terrein van beta/techniek en ict. Een aantal van deze vrouwen heeft recent haar eigen onderneming opgestart, terwijl anderen deze stap aan het voorbereiden waren.

Twee van de deelneemsters zijn werkeloos en wilden daarom voor zich zelf beginnen. Een onderneming starten in een veld dat nog steeds door mannen gedomineerd wordt vraagt doorzetttingsvermogen en lef. Opvallend was dat al deze vrouwen hun werkterrein hadden verbreed, oftewel het combineren van beta/techniek met een onderwijskunde, management en adviestaken. Direct na afloop van de eerste bijeenkomst hebben de vrouwen een LinkedIn group opgezet met de titel 'sterke vragen'. En terwijl de bijeenomksten zijn afgerond, houden de vrouwen via deze weg elkaar nog op de hoogte. En er is zelfs sprake van een bijeenkomst die de vrouwen op eigen initaitef hebben georganiseerd. Het doel van de mentoring circle, het opbouwen van een netwerk, is dus behaald!


fe:male partners

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