Main system components:
  • a conference management platform;
  • IMS system (IP Multimedia System) to realise the mobile/fixed convergence;
  • the software especially developed for audio/video management for PDAs, 3G mobile phones and Smart phones.
Thanks to the innovative MVCS framework, it will be possible to offers different services in the following areas:
  • Global Communication
  • Content Management
  • Corporate Portal Messaging
  • Advanced e-Learning
  • Medical/sanitary sector
  • Wireless & Mobile Video
The advantages of using MVCS:
  • video-communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It will be possible to organise on-line video-conferences with potential customers or business partners located all around the world, to manage instantaneously interactive multimedia meetings, to collaborate with partners sharing documents, applications, images and any other kind of multimedia files;
  • knocking down of travel costs: MVCS is the fastest, cheapest and the most efficient method to build or to consolidate commercial relationships, to reduce costs and to avoid unforeseen inconveniences related to work transfers;
  • knocking down of phone expenses;
  • improvement of Communication efficiency;
  • enhancement of Customer satisfaction - better relations with customers through a more efficient and communicative customer care services, thanks to a direct link from the company webpage to MVCS;
  • social integration: MVCS allows the integration of disabled people into the work environment, offering them an efficient and dynamic tool useful for “distance working”. In this way, disabled people can efficiently collaborate and work from their own residences.
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