Project activities are split into four main workpackages (W.P.s):

W.P. 1: Videoconference platform design and development, based on the already acquired framework

The Mathematics and Informatics Department (UNICT-DMI) of the University of Catania is going to coordinate the analysis of the VideoCall® videoconference framework and of the new software modules development. These new software modules will be implemented by P.M.F. development team thanks to the UNICT-DMI cooperation and the necessary know-how transfer from the VideoCall® software house (VITECO S.r.l.). Once the new software modules are ready, they will be integrated through an application server to the already existent videocommunication platform (VideoCall®) by HT Innovazione S.r.l.

The final check phase of the new Mobile Conference System (MCS) platform will be carried out by EdiSes S.r.l.

W.P. 2: Research on video compression algorithms for real time communication

The UNICT-DMI is going to coordinate the research activities on high quality and low delay video codification algorithms in order to enhance the quality service standards by avoiding any further bandwidth needs.

W.P. 3: IMS subsystem design and development for heterogenic network convergence (UMTS, IP, WiFi)

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) represents a set of system participants in the creation of the already defined multimedia convergence, that is the integration on “real-time” and “non-real-time” IP multimedia communication based on different networks (UMTS, WiFi, Internet, etc.). The interdependence among different networks implies a strategic selection of the useful communication protocol. The whole telecommunication sector is IP oriented. The final IMS goal is to exploit the IP connectivity of the PS domain, into the UMTS network in order to create a videoconference platform totally IP based. In other words, the aim of this W.P. is the “IMS” creation.

W.P. 4: Mobile device client design and development (UMTS phone, 3G smart-phone, Pocket PC)

The videoconference system described will support the typical Client/Server application. In This W.P. the client software required for the videoconference access will be developed, therefore it will be fundamental to design a specific client software for each class of mobile devices (UMTS phone, 3G smart-phone, Pocket PC). The client software for multimedia PC will have already been developed in W.P. 1.
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