Expected results
Deliverable 1: Videoconference platform design and development based on the already acquired framework

After the framework analysis of the VITECO Srl VideoCall® platform, carried out by the UNIC-DMI using the UML language software modelling, the UNIC-DMI will also produce a draft of the software characteristics:
  • implementation of new software modules;
  • prototype of the first videoconference platform;
  • development of the videoconference graphic interface;
  • MCU development and installation for videoconference management.
Deliverable 2: Research on video compression algorithms for real time communication
  • state of the art on streaming potential problems and solutions in Wireless environment;
  • state of the art on the most suitable codec for real-time transmission on WiFi network;
  • state of the art on the most suitable codec for real-time transmission on UMTS network;
  • videoconference QoS parameters and adequate measurement techniques definition.
Deliverable 3: IMS subsystem design and development for heterogenic network convergence (UMTS, IP, WiFi)
  • state of the art of the IMS system;
  • SIP authentication modules in IMS Application Layer;
  • prototype of IMS system.
Deliverable 4: Mobile device client design and development (UMTS phone, 3G smart-phone, Pocket PC)
  • UMTS and 3G phone client software prototype;
  • 3G smart-phone client software prototype;
  • pocket PC client software prototype;
  • test results;
  • guidebooks and user manuals.
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