MVCS’s platform will allow to the more and more numerous multimedia PC, connected in broadband and ADSL, to joint in videoconference any users equipped with a UMTS and 3G phone or PDA Pocket PC connected in WiFi. This is possible because the system adopts the “multimedia convergence concept”, acting as a “bridge” among 3G video-call users, mobile and fixed networks users. Accordingly, fixed PC users will be able to joint 3G users on their own mobile video-phone, allowing video-conference service, anytime and everywhere. This unique and innovative solution will allow to use a PDA terminal as a mobile IP video-phone, able to manage video-calls with others PDA, 3G phone or PC. The research programme is focused on the interoperability among different data networks (CDMA and “at packet”) and transmission techniques of audio/video data flows among WiFi and UMTS nets.

The main system components will be videoconference management platform (MCU) the IMS subsystem (IP Multimedia System) to realise the mobile/fixed convergence and the especially developed PDA, 3G and smart phone client software for audio/video sections access.
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