PMF S.r.l.

P.M.F. S.r.l. is a Limited Liability Company, established in 2003. The Company is specialised in database optimization, professional training and e-learning. PMF S.r.l, born as a JO Consulting S.r.l. spin-off with the aim of addressing professional training needs and database management of more than 100 local enterprises, during the years, has made high quality IT services development its core business. P.M.F. S.r.l. collaborates in synergy with the high-tech sector of the ETNA VALLEY enterprises, boosting its own R&D activities.
HT S.r.l.
HT S.r.l. is a Limited Liability Company, established in 2004. The Company was created by professionals coming from different IT backgrounds: web application and networking, informatics applications consulting and design. Its core business is High Tech: software and hardware development, industrial and civil automation design and consulting, innovative web site graphic interface modules design, optimization and management.
HT S.r.l. closely collaborates with the high-tech sector of the ETNA VALLEY enterprises.
Edises S.r.l.
The publishing house EdiSES S.r.l. has been involved in scientific thesis publication since the 80s. Thanks to the quality of selected authors and to the collaboration with the most prestigious Italian publishing houses, EdiSES S.r.l. is today a reference in the Italian editorial scenario, especially in the following domains: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Genetics.
The University of Catania, collaborates at the project implementation through its Mathematics and Informatics Department. Prof. Cutello’s research group features lots of publications in the domain of international scientific reviews and the participation to international scientific conferences.

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