The Project
With the evolution of telecommunications networks towards an unique IP based infrastructure, it is definitely possible to create a fixed/mobile convergence. MVCS is able to produce this convergence thanks to the integration among IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS – allowing GSM/EDGE/UMTS accessibility) and WLAN (mobile/fixed – fixed/mobile videocommunication services). The service convergence between these two types of networks leads the way to a new level of integrated communications offering innovative and more efficient solutions. This initiative will easily allow people to video-communicate from different locations in real time, as scientific research has demonstrated audio-video messaging increases concentration, enhancing as a consequence the learning capabilities too.
The MVCS project tackles the concept of “multimedia convergence” as a whole:
  • network convergence, or rather the network transparency in terms of distributed services;
  • service convergence, or rather the service transparency in relation to the networks supporting them;
  • terminal convergence, in terms of acquiring the same service from different terminals.
The video-conference system will be designed with the aim to make easier the meeting access and management, thanks to a management panel useful to convoke, plan and advert any videoconference. When an authorised user will convoke a meeting, the other concerned users receive an alert on their own device. Notification will be delivered by: e-mail, SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging (Skype), Push service (for UMTS mobile phone). One participant have received the notification, they will be able to access to the meeting directly by their own mobile or fixed device.

If users do not already have the client software, since the first connection, it will be possible to download the required software in full automatic way. MVCS will select the best bandwidth for each user, the right communication protocol, the best video quality for each used devices, with the aims to maximise the Quality of Service (QoS) in a user-friendly and transparent way. Furthermore, it will be possible to record the meeting for further revision. A 128 bit codification key will be used to crypt any communication and to assure users’ privacy.
The VMCS it will be equipped with collaborative tools to make the communication easier.
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